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Free Shipping

Qualifying orders can receive free shipping if purchased in the “Free Shipping” area. All free shipping orders will ship standard overnight. Qualifying free shipping products can’t be ordered with any other products outside of this category.

You Choose The Delivery Date

You choose when you want it. We currently deliver Tuesday- Saturday. Delivery time is not guaranteed during major holiday seasons and weather delays.

Shipping Policy

LobstahBox ships Fed Ex Standard OvernightPriority Overnight and Ground. We recognize the importance of receiving your order as fast as possible. All perishable, fresh and live products are required to be shipped overnight to ensure quality freshness. We do not ship the day before or the day of FedEx Holidays. However, we do deliver the day before FedEx Holidays. We do not ship Sunday or Monday. (Saturday delivery is an additional fee of $16 and must be shipped Priority Overnight). In some locations we offer Ground Shipping. For Ground Shipping Saturday Delivery, we recommend Priority Overnight, as Ground Shipping is not guaranteed for Saturday Delivery.

We highly recommend (though no signature is required) someone is at home at the time that FedEx delivers your package to receive the box. FedEx may not leave a package if they fear it may be stolen. We are not responsible for lobsters or products left unattended at your door. All lobsters are packed and shipped in a reusable, insulated box, covered with wet newspaper and frozen reusable gel packs to keep them damp and cold throughout their trip.

We currently only ship lobsters in the continental United States (Please note that some rural addresses may not be serviceable via Overnight. Please contact FedEx to ensure your address is available for FedEx Overnight Delivery).

Shipping to other countries: At this time we only ship to the continental US.

APO/FPO shipments: Unfortunately we cannot ship to APO/FPO addresses.

Priority Overnight

  • Next-business-day delivery between 10:30 a.m. to noon (in most areas) and by 5 p.m (to some rural areas)
  • Available throughout the lower 48 states
  • Saturday pickup and delivery available for an additional charge

Standard Overnight

  • Delivery the next business day between 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. (varies by location)
  • Available throughout the lower 48 states
  • Saturday pickup available for an additional charge

Weather Policy

We are not responsible for packages that are delayed due to inclement weather. We do our best to track potential weather systems that could effect your order. In extenuating circumstances, we may hold or process orders, at our discretion, to ensure your order arrives fresh and on-time. We will contact you if your order will be delayed.

Address Corrections

Customers are held responsible to input their correct shipping address (no PO Boxes). This includes Name, Street, City, State and Zip Code. We will not refund or reimburse any orders that were not delivered on time due to an incorrect address. Damage due to incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses voids our guarantee.

LobstahValet is Proactive for Your Shipping Needs

LobstahValet assures exceptional customer service to make sure your packages get to you seamlessly. Learn more below regarding how LobstahValet monitors the shipping logistics.

Package Monitoring System – Our logistics team monitors your package throughout the day to ensure ultimate peace of mind. This added on benefit to our customers makes everyone happy, and we’re all about that.

Shipment Management – The management of your shipment begins as orders are processed, carefully monitoring an accelerated array of scan information that will show interruption of normal movement of your shipments, in order to allow for sufficient time to employ corrective resolution capabilities in unison with FedEx operational personnel.

Visibility / Identification – As your packages enter the FedEx system, its status is monitored by our logistics monitoring partner. A pre-alert is sent to each major sorting location, advising FedEx personnel of all our shipments on route. This necessary level of awareness in relationship to the unique needs and requirements of the perishable food items is maintained throughout the transit period.

Monitoring of Weather Conditions – Our logistics team proactively monitors system wide weather conditions, looking for possible problems or delays. Information concerning weather patterns that can potentially impede the movement of shipments to particular areas is made available to us, allowing us to make the most informed decisions in relationship to your needs.

Monitoring of Flight Performance – Our logistics team continually monitors flight performance, observing for indications of delays that might impact the movement of your shipments.   If intervention is necessary, we have a dedicated team of FedEx support staff who are trained in the special requirements that our perishable shipments demand.

Proactive Tracking – Shipments are tracked throughout the day. Our approach to shipment management is proactive; the emergency nature of reacting to customer calls is avoided as we work through the operation channels to employ situational resolution capabilities and reshape expectations accordingly.

Will I receive a tracking number?

You will receive a notification with a tracking number the day the order ships.

Shipping issues?

If you’re having shipping issues, call us and we’ll be happy to help.

100% LobstahFresh Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with your products, simply notify our team and we’ll refund or credit for the item on your next order. We’ll find a way to make it right.

Our policy on orders with live Maine lobsters are guaranteed to be alive on arrival. If there are issues or you are unsure if your lobsters are alive, we ask you contact us immediately at 1-844-302-3730 during business hours. If after business hours, please visit the lobster FAQ or email us at [email protected] for further assistance. LobstahBox will look into all claims made for potential returns/credit.

We kindly request you to submit pictures/videos regarding the products in question, the day that you receive your package. We are not able to process and honor any refunds for claims regarding products in question without photographs.



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The Giveback Initiative

A percentage of our profits go back into supporting the Maine Lobster Industry and the livelihood of those who work in the Maine lobster community. Learn More

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