May 25, 2017

Boil, Steam and Grill Maine Lobster

Whether it’s in a pot or on a grill, whatever way you choose to cook your Maine lobster we have all the tips and tricks to help!

Boiling Maine Lobster:

This is the perfect technique for beginner lobster chefs. As the lobster sits in the large pot boiling, the water actually adds weight to the lobster meat, where other methods could potentially dry the lobster meat.

In order to perfectly boil Maine lobster, you will need to fill your large lobster pot with water. You should allow for three quarts of water per 1.5 pounds of lobster. The lobsters should be fully submerged in the water. Allow the water to come to a boil before placing the lobsters in the pot. When lobsters become bright red(usually between 12-14 min) they are done! A trick is to pull on the lobster antenna, if the antenna comes off with a simple pull, you’re good! 


Steaming Maine Lobster:

Steaming lobster is a great technique for cooking Maine lobster too! It is the traditional way but it also will make you look like a “pro”. Steaming lobsters is great too because you cook the lobsters at a higher temperature, which means they’ll be ready to eat faster! It is also more forgiving if you cook it too long! 

For the best steaming technique, pour 2 inches of water into a large pot and let it come to a boil. Place the lobsters in the pot and cover tightly. When the water begins to boil again, turn the heat down and start a timer for 9 minutes for the first pound and 4 minutes for the following pounds. When the lobsters are bright red, they are ready to eat!


Grilling Maine Lobster:

Grilled Maine Lobsters are delicious. Simple as that. Much like grilling any other food, grilling lobster can be tricky. In order to make sure that everything is cooked, many people cut the lobster in half to make it easier. Grilling lobster is a great opportunity to add spices and butter to ensure a delicious taste. Since grilling lobster is a little more difficult than boiling or steaming, we created a separate blog post “How-To Grill Maine Lobsters“.


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