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January 30, 2017

Cape Cod Wedding Save The Date Idea – Save the date with lobster!

cape cod save the date ideasNothing says complete and utter BOSS like sending a classic LobstahBox to all of your wedding
guest. In fact, there may not be any better way to guarantee your guest go to your wedding then to send Maine lobster! That’s what one awesome couple did in Tampa, FL who will be having a summer wedding in Nantucket, MA. What a hit it was, too!

In honor of this couple, here are 4 reasons why we think sending a LobstahBox is the best save the date idea.





It’s Unforgettable

Seriously, does this need an explanation? Nowadays, everyone is looking to do something new and different, and to out do everyone else. You can guarantee that your guests will never forget you when it comes time to bring you gifts. You’ll be the talk of the town for months, years, decades to come.. I mean you gave them Maine lobster for your save the date!

It’s Easy

You don’t have to write or stamp a single thing. Just send us your list, a note you want included or an actual save the date card. We take care of the rest. It’s your time! Let us do all the work and you take all the glory.

Social Media Queen and Kings

Think of all the social media posts that will be sent out in your name. The hashtags, the @’s; you’ll pretty much be a rock star! People will be chanting your name on the streets for being such a clever original who without a doubt does it better than anyone else can.

It’s Authentic To Your Wedding Experience

If you’re having a wedding on Cape Cod, in Maine, Massachusetts or anywhere else in New England, people expect some kind of nod to the king…the lobster. The authentic lobster bake in a box allows your guests to start the New England experience in their own homes as they prepare for your big day!

So let’s think about it- should you send a LobstahBox as a save the date? We think it is the most perfect Cape Cod Wedding Save The Date Idea there is.



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