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May 2, 2017

How to Cook Frozen Lobster Tails on the Grill

Cooking frozen Maine lobster tails on the grill is easy and great for camping, weekends at the beach house, or summer nights on the patio.

Maine Lobster Tails
Lemon juice

STEP 1: Thaw and defrost your lobster tails ( see below)
Step 1: Grab your Maine lobster tails and cut away the outside membrane with scissors.
Step 2: Loosen/separate the meat from the shell with your fingers.
Step 3: Place each lobster tail on a piece of foil that is large enough to wrap.
Step 4: Sprinkle each lobster tail with salt, pepper, lemon juice and a little butter.
Step 5: Fold over the foil and seal the ends so the juice will remain inside.
Step 6: Place foil packets on the grill with low heat for 20-25 minutes. Close the lid and grill until the lobster meat is firm and opaque.


*Thawing your Maine lobster tails:

Option A: Thaw your lobster tails by placing in the refrigerator overnight.

Option B: If you need to thaw your Maine lobster tails on the same day, place the tails in a sealed plastic bag and submerge in cold water. Change the water every 15 minutes for 1 hour to 1 ½ hours.

Option C: If you’re in a major rush you can dethaw your lobster tails in a microwave. Set your microwave to defrost. Set the time on your microwave to allow 3 minutes per tail. We don’t recommend this way because you can easily cook your lobsters in the microwave as well. So be vigilant and defrost in 2 min increments if you’re tails aren’t completely defrosted.



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