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Placing Your Order

Absolutely! Contact us 1-844-302-3730. We are open 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.  We are happy to assist in placing your order.

LobstahBox accepts VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Sending a gift is easy! Your son/daughter, parent, girlfriend or client will be very happy.

All you need is the Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address (if you would like them to be able to track the order) and the Delivery Date your recipient would like to receive their order.

If you have received a coupon code, you can apply that on the Checkout page.

Redeeming a gift card is simple, Just follow these three steps.

1. Choose the product you want to purchase

2. Add the product to the cart

3. Add your gift card code at checkout

Yes! We make it easy for our customers to have their order delivered when they want it. Choose any delivery date you want at checkout!

If there is a delivery date that is not showing, It could be that it is either a day that FedEx does not deliver or it is too far in advance and not showing. If you have a date in mind that isn’t showing and isn’t a FedEx holiday call us at 1-844-302-3730 and we’d be happy to assist!

Your security is our highest priority. A credit card can be declined by our merchant if the CVC check fails, the zip or postal code check fails or the debit card has been declined by your bank. In addition our credit card monitoring system might decline cards they see as high risk. A card can be marked as high risk for multiple reasons. Some reasons are billing info doesn’t match, card has had previous fraud issues or the card has been marked high risk by another institution for reasons we are not aware. We find in most cases this can be easily resolved by calling us at 1844-302-3730.




Every LobstahBox is packaged by hand and assembled with tender, love and care. All lobsters are packed in a reusable, insulated cooler with frozen, reusable gel packs. We pack our lobsters to be shipped for travel so you get the same quality as if you were in Maine!

We offer our negotiated FedEx rates. Shipping rates vary based on location. Orders ship the day before you want expect to receive it. Please refer to our Shipping Information page for complete details on shipping.

Order before 11:00am EST for next day delivery or choose the date you want it!


Orders placed Saturday and Sunday ship Monday for Tuesday delivery unless another date is chosen.

Saturday Delivery

We do offer Saturday delivery. The FedEx fee is $16.

Currently, we are only shipping to the continental United States. (Sorry, we don’t ship to Hawaii and Alaska.)

Unfortunately, we do not.

You should have received a confirmation email with tracking information regarding your package. Didn’t receive a tracking number? Call us!

See if someone else accepted delivery on your behalf regarding your package. Check with household members, neighbors, the mail room, front desk, and anyone else who might have accepted the delivery.

Look around your delivery location. Carriers sometimes leave packages in a safe, hidden place if they feel it would be safer there than in plain site (like on a side porch, behind your fence, in/around your garage, or behind bushes).

Look for a notice of attempted delivery. You may find an attempted delivery notice in your mailbox or on your front door. Follow the instructions on that notice to request re-delivery or pick up the package.

If you still can’t find your package, call us! To better assist you, please have your tracking number available and call us at  1-844-302-3730

We recommend someone to be at the door when your package arrives. However we have waived the signature requirement on all packages because we understand you are busy and can’t hang around all day for the FedEx driver.. The courier will usually leave the box at the door. You’ll get an email telling you that your order has been delivered. We recommend at that point you make plans to bring it inside your home ASAP. The FedEx driver can opt to not leave the package at the door if he feels it is unsafe to do so.


Do to the nature of our products we do not accept returns. However, we do have a 100% LobstahFresh Guarantee.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your products, simply notify our team and we’ll refund or credit for the item on your next order. We’ll find a way to make it right.

Our policy on orders with live Maine lobsters are guaranteed to be alive on arrival. If there are issues or you are unsure if your lobsters are alive, we ask you contact us immediately at 1-844-302-3730 during business hours. If after business hours, please visit the lobster FAQ or email us at for further assistance. LobstahBox will look into all claims made for potential returns/credit.

We kindly request you to submit pictures/videos regarding the products in question, the day that you receive your package. We are not able to process and honor any refunds for claims regarding products in question without photographs.

Your lobsters are considered in your care as per the FedEx tracking number indicated time and date of delivery. Inspect your package immediately upon arrival to ensure satisfaction.

Please note:
*All claims must be received the day of delivery.
*We cannot credit you lobsters that die while under your care.

We process credit card refunds immediately, within 24 hours of receiving notification. Our credit card merchant will initiate the return immediately and your refund should reflect in approximately 5-10 business days after the return was initiated.

Security and Privacy

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect the security of your credit card information. To verify that you are safely connected to our secure server before submitting your financial information, check the top left hand corner of your browser window. A closed lock or key indicates that all communication between your computer and our server is securely encrypted. In addition we use an encryption merchant processor called Stripe to ensure optimum security. It’s worry free shopping for you and us!

We hate spam just as much as you do! We will never sell, provide, rent or share your personal information with any person or third party. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

Our Products and Company

We can send you an email to help you recover your password. If you’ve provided a password hint on your account, we’ll include that to help recover your password. If you forgot your password hint, you’ll find a link that will allow you to reset your password to something new.

Check out the Lobster 101 page.

Yes they can! As a matter of fact, bread retains a higher shelf-life when frozen. If the bread you received is still frozen upon arrival, feel free to place it in the freezer to store, or place in the fridge to defrost. Once defrosted, you can grill or toast the rolls.

Our company is based in Boston, MA, but your order will ship direct from Maine!

Your lobsters are coming from the pristine shores of Maine. Your lobsters are shipped out of our Maine facility.


Absolutely! Everything in moderation! American Lobster (Maine Lobster) is high in protein, low in fat and offers an abundance of good minerals like calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and zinc.

We don’t mean to state the obvious, but if you are allergic to shellfish, don’t eat our lobster or seafood products!


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The Giveback Initiative

A percentage of our profits go back into supporting the Maine Lobster Industry and the livelihood of those who work in the Maine lobster community. Learn More

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