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August 22, 2017

Guide to Cleaning and Storing Clams

Cooking clams is very simple. However, to ensure that they are delicious, the key is to clean and store the clams properly before you cook them. What’s very important to remember is that clams are alive and you want to make sure they stay alive until you cook them, for the best results!


When you bring home the clams, immediately place the live clams in an open container that is covered in a moist cloth or paper towel. Then, place the open container in your refrigerator. Clams kept in this manner, should remain alive and fresh for at least two days. Live clams are highly perishable once they die or get too warm so it is important they stay alive until you are ready to cook them!

For best results, cook the clams as soon as you can. However, if you choose to keep them in the refrigerator, check on them daily for any clams that have open shells. This would mean they have died and potentially could contaminate the rest.

If shucked, clams should be stored in a tightly sealed container immersed in their own liquid. When shucked and kept in the refrigerator, they will remain fresh for up to three days.


Cleaning clams is quick, easy and crucial if you don’t like sandy clams!!

Before cooking, soak your clams in fresh water for 20 minutes. When clams breathe, they filter water. So, when the clams breathe in the fresh water, they filter out the salt and sandy water. After 20 minutes, pull the clams out of the water and using a brush, scrub off any remaining sand or barnacles off the clams. Repeat these steps a few times to ensure that the salt is filtered out.

Next step: ready for some cooking!



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