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October 7, 2016

A Lobster Trappin’ Life

Maine Lobster TrappingIn the heart of the Gulf of Maine waters, we were out with Maine’s finest lobstermen getting a hands-on experience with the many that make lobster fishing their bread and butter for a living. Peak fishing season is mostly during the summer with the majority of lobsters caught between June and December.

Lobstermen set and haul traps six days a week, starting the day as early as 4am and ending around 4pm. Because of the rise in demand of lobsters in recent years, Maine lobstermen have reached all-time highs with what they’re catching today.

The many things we experienced while outimg_4881 lobster fishing included: setting traps and hauling traps in, baiting the traps with herring, measuring the lobsters with a special gauge to ensure that the legal size limits were followed and that they were keepers, banding lobster claws, understanding the tail-notched female lobster and determining the sex of the lobsters. For more information on Maine’s regulation regarding the sustainability of lobster fishing, go to our Maine lobster sustainability page.

The life of a lobsterman is filled with a lot of uncertainty as lobstermen have no idea what each particular day may bring. The uncertainty of the lobstering life makes it a unique way of life that not many can handle and only the strong can survive. While a tough business, it is the rewarding challenge day-in, day-out that provides so many happy smiles and full stomachs to all the lobster lovers out there.




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