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Lobster Sustainability

Maine Lobster Sustainability

LobstahBox prides itself on maintaining 100% sustainable practices. Since 1872, the New England fishing industry has been successfully regulated thus resulting in the highest quality product and environment from which it came.

LobstahBox is proud to offer the highest quality lobster and is confident you are eating the best live Maine Lobster direct from a well-maintained and sustainable marine environment.

The Maine lobster fishery is one of the most successfully regulated industries. The regulations and processes protect the industry from growing too big and essentially prevent overfishing. Lobster stock dwindles when unsustainable practices of large commercial fisheries catch all the lobsters in a certain area without consideration of how the population will replenish itself. For over 125 years Maine lobstermen and women have been trapping lobster by hand, one trap at a time, ensuring the quality of the product and the environment from which it came. This is why sustainability is so important.

Delicious lobster starts at the eco-system where the lobster lives – what the lobster eats can alter the taste of the lobster. That’s why we believe lobster, from Maine is the sweetest and most succulent in the world.

Sustainability also ensures traceability. Regulating lobster sustainability practices allow us to prove the traceability of every lobster caught in the State of Maine. We can proudly trace every step of the lobster journey, as we source directly from our lobstermen and women from boat to your backyard.

LobstahBox is proud to offer the highest quality lobster and is confident you are eating the best live Maine Lobster direct from a well-maintained and sustainable marine environment.

Humane Maine Lobster Delivery

We believe that humane lobster delivery is as important and harvesting Maine lobsters from a sustainable source. That’s why we maintain strict protocol  to ensure the lobster is comfortable and happy. Our Maine lobsters are pulled from the boat into a large salt water facility with optimum cold temperature to ensure the lobsters health and longevity. The salt water facility is filtered to mimic the ocean, so any and all debris is sucked away. In addition we sort all lobsters by hand to ensure no lobster is killed or hurt in the process, rather than using machine as some companies do. Our Maine lobsters stay in our tanks for less than 24 hours before they are shipped. You can be assured that your LobstahBox Maine lobster is the freshest possible lobster you can buy.




A female lobster with visible eggs on her tail cannot be kept. Before releasing her, the harvester puts a v-notch in her tail to indicate that she is a good breeder. Even if she is not showing eggs, a female lobster with a notch on her tail can never be caught.


Lobsters have to be 3 ¼ inches (8cm) from the eye socket to where the tail begins. Any lobsters under this length are called ‘shorts’ or ‘snappers’ and must be thrown back into the ocean to ensure they are mature enough to breed before they are harvested.


The maximum legal size of a lobster is 5 inches, so all our biggest breeders, which may produce 100,000 eggs rather than the average 10,000 eggs, can stay in the population and continue to add to the lobster stock.


New harvesters have to apprentice with veterans to learn the regulated sustainable practices, and only a limited number of new licenses are issued annually.


Maine sets a statewide trap limit and individual lobstering zones have their own trap limits.


Harvesting in Maine is by trap only. That means that no dragging or diving is allowed. Traps have escape hatches for undersized lobsters as well as biodegradable hatches in case the trap is lost.


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The Giveback Initiative

A percentage of our profits go back into supporting the Maine Lobster Industry and the livelihood of those who work in the Maine lobster community. Learn More

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