September 22, 2016

National Lobster Day 9/25

Here at LobstahBox we are honored to be able to celebrate only the 2nd Anniversary of National Lobster Day on September 25th. This Sunday is going to be a special day. We honor the Homarus americanus, aka the American lobster, the Northern lobster, or the Maine Lobster.

The Maine Lobster Industry has achieved a national spotlight and because the U.S. Senate loves lobster so much, they had no choice but to honor it. We are so excited to recognize lobster’s significant value to all of the communities and people that work so hard to provide you that delicious lobster you get to feast on at your dinner table. Did we mention that Lobster is a livelihood and way of life for so many Maine people? So, we will continue to make sure that this industry we proudly support can continue to grow, thrive and implement sustainable practices for generations to come.

In honor of that day, LobstahBox will celebrate with our 25FOR25 National Lobster Day Special. On Sunday, September 25th until Monday, September 26th @ 11:59pmET we want to extend you a 25% off your purchase AND a FREE Lobster Bisque with every order…yes we said FREE Lobster Bisque! Never can you have enough lobster… So, be sure to sign-up to our newsletter (to get more details regarding the special) and check back in on our website on Sunday and Monday to get all lobster-ed out!


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