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A percentage of your order goes to support the Maine Lobstermen’s Association. The MLA advocates for a sustainable lobster resource and the fishermen and the communities that depend on it.

Maine Lobster is a national treasure and we believe in being stewards of it. That’s why we give a percentage of each order back into research, education and into the community.

The MLA was founded in 1954 and is the oldest and largest fishing industry association on the eastern coast. The MLA works to sustain the industry and the resource and is an active part of the management process at the state, regional and federal levels.

The MLA has been a highly regarded and credible voice for the industry for over 60 years and we’re proud to partner with them to help support the Maine Lobster Industry.



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The Giveback Initiative

A percentage of our profits go back into supporting the Maine Lobster Industry and the livelihood of those who work in the Maine lobster community. Learn More

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