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July 25, 2017

Warm Lobster Roll Recipe

Warm lobster rolls in our opinion are the the best way to have real Maine lobster rolls. No cold mayo or celery, instead, how about warm butter and spices on grilled New England split top buns. Here’s how to make a warm delicious lobster roll!

STEP 1 – Gather lobster rolls, lobster meat. Prepare butter, desired spices and pan.

STEP 2 – Toast or grill rolls.

STEP 3 – Melt butter on a pan or skillet over medium heat.

STEP 4 – Chop lobster meat into quarter size pieces. Toss lobster meat in hot melted butter over stove top for a few minutes.

STEP 5 – Turn off stove top. Divide lobster meat into rolls

STEP 6 – Season with desired spices (celery salt, oregano, thyme, garlic salt, parsley, lemon juice).

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